Tonno di Coniglio

Tonno di Coniglio Sandàra comes from the traditional recipe spread between Piedmont and Liguria, brought back by the most renowned chefs of the moment.

A healthy and rich taste preparation. It is rabbit cooked softly in water with vegetables and spices, then filleted and put in oil with a mix of aromas that enhance the delicacy of these white meats.

Tonno di Coniglio Sandàra is ready to eat. Try it cold or slightly warm.

It is perfect for main courses and appetizers with crostinos, salads, legumes. And you can customize it to your taste with spices or other condiments.

Sandàra brings to your kitchen healthy ready-to-eat Italian typical food. Every recipe does not contain any preservative nor food additives. Thanks to pasteurization they have a long shelf life which extends freshness and taste. All products are packed in a jar.

Curiosities and Anecdotes

Literally Rabbit Tuna, it is a typical Piedmontese dish, originally from Monferrato and Alta Val Tanaro, both areas that claim their authorship.
The history of this dish is very curious: according to legend, its name was invented by the friars of a convent in Avigliana, in the Turin area. It is said that the friars created a stratagem to circumvent the ban on eating meat in the period of Lent. The religious dipped their rabbits in oil (as is done with tuna) and passed them off as tuna, so that they could eat them without seeming to sin!
If you do not listen to the legend, you may think that the name, more likely, is due to the preparation and final consistency of this dish, reminiscent of that of tuna.
Whatever the true story of this recipe we recommend you try it, it’s really delicious!


Rabbit meat 60%, Olive oil (made from refined olive oils and virgin olive oils), White wine, Lemon juice, Mixed vegetables (Celery, Carrots, Onions) in varying quantities, Aromatic herbs, Salt, Pepper, Gin.

Note: Allergens are reported in bold

Nutritional Facts

Average Nutrition Facts calculated for 100g

Energy kJ 1959 Kcal 468
Fat saturates 43,5 g 21,0 g
Carbohydrates sugars 2,9 g <0,1 g
Proteins 16,2 g
Salt 0,48 g