Ragout with Tuscan Game

The Sandàra Ragout with Tuscan Game is born to discover the authentic soul and the strong tastes typical of Italy.

The Ragout with Tuscan Game is prepared using large and small game: wild boar, hare, deer. The tasty and strong meats meet aromas, vegetables and dark chocolate to sweeten and combine flavors. Ideal condiment for fresh pasta such as pappardelle, tagliatelle and gnocchi.

The Sandàra Ragout with Tuscan Game is ready to eat. Heat it for a few moments and taste it with your favorite combination. And you can customize it to your liking.

Sandàra brings to your kitchen healthy ready-to-eat Italian typical food. Every recipe does not contain any preservative nor food additives. Thanks to pasteurization they have a long shelf life which extends freshness and taste. All products are packed in a jar.

Curiosities and Anecdotes

Known as Ragù alla Cacciatora, Ragù alla Cacciatora is a specialty prevalent mainly in Tuscany, where game-based recipes have always boasted a strong tradition and particular attention.

In this recipe a perfect mix of game and many other ingredients such as tomato, red wine and dark chocolate, gives life to a truly special sauce.


Wild Boar Meat 20%*, Deer Meat 20%*, Venison Meat 20%*, Chopped Tomato, Onions, Extra-Virgin Olive Oil Toscano PGI*, Tomato Paste, Red Wine, Carrots, Celery, Salt, Plain Chocolate (contains soy lecithine), Rosemary, Laurel.


Note: Allergens are reported in bold

Nutritional Facts

Average Nutrition Facts calculated for 100g

Energy kJ 534
Kcal 128
7,3 g
1,3 g
2,3 g
1,2 g
Proteins 13,4 g
Salt 1,2 g

Chef's Advice

Heat in microwave or pan for a couple of minutes. Perfect for seasoning pasta or, alternatively, to be enjoyed on bread crostoni.