Tomato and Garlic Sauce

The Sandàra tomato and garlic sauce is a symbol of deep and sincere Tuscany. A wrapping sauce like the beautiful landscapes of the area and tasty as all the local gastronomy.

This is a recipe based on tomato sauce, garlic, onion, pepper and chilli. A full-bodied and character condiment. Excellent for pasta, like traditional Pici, and versatile in the preparation of appetizers and bruschetta.

The tomato and garlic sauce is ready for consumption. Taste it cold on bread or heat it for your hot preparations. And you can customize it to your liking.

Sandàra brings to your kitchen healthy ready-to-eat Italian typical food. Every recipe does not contain any preservative nor food additives. Thanks to pasteurization they have a long shelf life which extends freshness and taste. All products are packed in a jar.

Curiosities and Anecdotes

Known as “Sugo all’Aglione”, it is a recipe that originates south of Siena, between Chiusi and Chianciano, and is widespread in Val d’Orcia and throughout the Sienese territory.

To prepare this sauce, you must brown a lot of crushed garlic, add a large portion of fresh chilli and a generous dose of ripe tomatoes cut into cubes.

In combination with pici it gives life to one of the most loved rustic dishes in all of Tuscany, precisely the Pici all’Aglione, a true cornerstone of the culinary tradition of this region.


Tomatoes, Onion, Extra Virgin olive oil, Garlic 3.7%, Salt, Sugar, Pepper, Chili.

Nutritional Facts

Average Nutrition Facts calculated for 100g

Energy kJ 356
Kcal 88
6,6 g
0,9 g
6,5 g
1,1 g
Proteins 1,0 g
Salt 0,6 g

Chef's Advice

Heat in microwave or pan for a couple of minutes. Perfect for seasoning pasta or, alternatively, to be enjoyed on bread crostoni.