Extra Jam with Pears and Rum

The Sandàra Extra Jam with Pears and Rum is prepared following the traditional recipe. It contains 78% of pears and for this reason it is classified as an extra jam.

The goodness of this preparation is due to the careful selection of the best pears, expertly combined with the excellent rum. The ingredients are cooked slowly and the result is an intriguing and genuine compote.

The Sandàra Extra Jam with Pears and Rum is ready for consumption. Try it with your favorite bread for breakfast, snack, or use it to prepare cakes with a particular taste.

Sandàra brings to your kitchen healthy ready-to-eat Italian typical food. Every recipe does not contain any preservative nor food additives. Thanks to pasteurization they have a long shelf life which extends freshness and taste. All products are packed in a jar.

Curiosities and Anecdotes

Although not a traditional Italian liqueur, over time rum has become part of some important recipes of our country (such as the famous Neapolitan Babà).

The combination of this liqueur with pears has always been particularly appreciated in Italy. For the pear and rum jam it was therefore easy to enter our culinary tradition, where it soon became a tasty treat to be indulged especially in winter and in the cold months.


Pears 78% , brown sugar, lemon juice, rum 2.5%.

Gelling agent: Pectin.

Fruit used 78g to 100g of finished product.

Nutritional Facts

Average Nutrition Facts calculated for 100g

Energy kJ 426
Kcal 101
0,1 g
0,0 g
23,5 g
21,9 g
Proteins 0,2 g
Salt 0,0 g

Chef's Advice

Excellent on buttered bread slices and as a base for fresh desserts and sweets. Prepare tasty semifreddo gelato in a few minutes mixing the jam with fresh ricotta.