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Italian food products ready to open

We are your taste collectors. For you, we take on the challenge to discover fine Italian food products and bring them in your kitchens.

Sandàra is our specialties series: just uncap and taste them. A selection of must-try recipes ranging from tradition to refined flavors. All dishes are ready to eat: pasteurized and canned, they’re genuine and do not contain any preservative.

Quality is cooking for you with Sandàra. That is the essential ingredient for every kitchen, at home as in restaurants.

What's in a Sandàra jar?

Inside a Sandàra jar there is only the purest taste of Italian cuisine, without preservatives or food additives.
We use only genuine ingredients. Pasteurization process preserves food freshness for a long time.

High Quality

Balance and taste, selected raw materials, fresh products as just cooked.

Italian Excellence

Typical dishes and contemporary cuisine, with all the Italian quality.

Ready Meals

Finished dishes ready to eat. Heat, customize to pleasure and serve.

Long Lasting

The safety of pasteurization and the pleasure of freshness last up to 2 years.

Sandàra in your kitchen

For your business

Do you have a restaurant or a bar? Sandàra helps you cut costs and save time in the kitchen.

We are not just a food wholesalers: we are provide solutions to Ho.Re.Ca. operators.

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Good food at home

Put on the table the fine Italian food products ready to taste. It takes only 5 minutes to prepare a 5-star complete dinner.

Sandàra does not put limit to your imagination with its selection of traditional recipes and refined preparations.

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